Locksmith Tool

    What is Auto Locksmith Tool

    Should you have any problem with your car keys and locks?

    An auto locksmith is your best plug, they are trained technicians that work with the locks and keys related to vehicles, especially during times of emergencies to get access into a car despite its lost, broken keys or lock.

    To do their work appropriately with little or no damage - the Auto locksmiths tool is used.

    Modern car's keys and locks are made of ignition chips programmed to communicate with the integral components of the computers and digital system in the car.

    Why do we need a locksmith tool for cars?

    Automotive locksmith tools are mechanical or computer tools employed to help you unlock your car keys, remove broken keys from locks and also create or replace lost keys.

    Since some professional car locksmith tools even help to replace car lock doors and the entire ignition system, locksmith kits for cars are employed.

    How to Use Auto Locksmith Tool

    Disclaimer: Once you notice your key is lost or broken try your best to see or get the help of a professional automotive locksmith around you to get it open or use a spare key if possible. We (GETOBDTOOL) would not be responsible for any damage to you or any car using this for only information guidance.

    We advise that you seek the help of a professional automotive locksmith to help you out.

    In the past, a slim Jim could easily unlock a car but that's not possible these days where modern cars are more electronically wired.

    You will have to open a car from the inside if you have to unlock it without its keys using either the electronic button or the manual button - the two basic types of unlocking buttons. 

    The electronic button located on the driver's side door would open all the car's doors with just one click. While the manuals button located at each door only unlocks the respective door when clicked. 

    So, it's important to locate these buttons and find the easiest to click reach with your tools.

    Now, to unlock a car door without its keys - you need to wedge the door and the frame apart to enable you to create a space to insert tools that will allow you to press or click the buttons. 

    This space must be comfortable enough for the tool to move about in the car as prying the door might affect either the door or locking system.

    You can use rubber or plastic door stoppers to wedge the door and the frame sliding in at the top part of the door.

    With the aid of a door stopper or a flat head screwdriver carefully slide in your wedge at the top right part of the door far from the hinges, pushing your wedge beyond the rubber seal to see the tips of it sticking out inside the car.

    Use a thin bendable household tool like a wire coat hanger to slide in into your car and use it to pull or push the unlock electronic or manual button depending on which button you want to open.

    Once you hear the sound of your car unlocking - Congratulations but don't pull the handle yet!.

    For safety reasons, it's important that you pull out the wedge and the reach tool out first before unlocking the door.

    Once you pull out these tools - you can now pull the handle and finally open the locked door!

    In summary, just find a way to create a space between your car door and the frame so you can input a tiny bendable tool to push or pull one of the unlock buttons (as if you're opening from inside, but actually you are) outside.

    Best Auto Locksmith Tool

    Out there, the most used auto Locksmith tools are slim Jim, code machines to generate protocols using transponder keys, extractor set, key decoder to get dimensions or measurements of a factory cut key, air wedge to pry a car door open to insert necessary tools to unlock the vehicle doors, key blanks, car key cutter, etc.

    Any one of these you need -GETOBDTOOL has the best Auto Locksmith tools in stock ready for your use.

    GETOBDTOOL provides the best professional locksmiths tool

    Whether you are a professional auto locksmith, just getting to learn or you just need it for personal use on rainy days - GETOBDTOOL has in store and provides the best professional locksmiths tool you'll need to open up your vehicle anytime. 

    Check in on our catalog and pick your best choices today.

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