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    OBD2 Code Scanner

    What is an OBD2 code scanner?

    With a portable electronic tool, you can get credible and important data and information which might include the fault errors from your car's system. This device that helps you diagnose the state of your car's system performance is the  OBD2 code scanner (Onboard diagnostic).

    OBD - On-board diagnostic is the system in a car that powers all essential devices in a vehicle's system. The first onboard systems are called OBD1 for vehicles produced before 1996 while OBD2 for vehicles produced after which are scanners more standardized to meet the needs of several recently produced vehicles.

    Why do we need an OBD2 code reader?

    At times you see your car illuminate a warning sign on your dashboard. These engine lights turned on indicate error codes stored by your vehicle's system known as diagnostic trouble codes or faults codes. They are stored to inform the reader of abnormal behavior in the vehicle's system.

    To understand these error codes and know exactly what things need fixing - you need the OBD2 code reader. This reader helps you read faults codes in the vehicle's system which provides useful insights into issues affecting your car.An OBD2 scanner is a diagnostic tool used for optimizing and maintaining your vehicle's performance. This scan tool can also help you fix car settings, performance and features synchronizing the car systems to work to your desired taste efficiently and effectively.

    How to use the OBD2 fault code scanner

    To use the OBD2 fault code scanner effectively, it is important to go through your owner's manual for accurate operational proceedings since most scanners have their programming dependent on their brands. Also, browse through the OBD-2 manufacturer's code as listed on the internet plus the generic OBD-2 codes available in the owner's manual to get a grasp of what the code means.

    Generally, to use the fault code scanner, you connect your vehicle to the  OBD2 fault code scanner with the standard diagnostic port usually underneath the dashboard beside the steering. Although at times it might be in a separate or special compartment in some vehicles. If confused, kindly reach out to your vehicle's owner's manual for the exact location. Depending on the type of scanner, as you connect the OBD2 scanner to the system - it either turns on automatically to begin reading your vehicle system or you might need to turn on the engine in the vehicle's ignition. As the OBD2 code reader reads the vehicle's system, it presents some codes on the scanner's read-out screen. This code might either be a pending code or a trouble code.

    When the OBD2 diagnostics tool detects faults, it first presents it as a pending code; however, if the problem exists it returns it as a trouble code. It's important to attend to the trouble code at first. Also, you can consult the blueprint you have browsed on the internet for the description of the problem, do the repairs yourself (DIY) or consult a professional technician Then turn the engine off and disconnect the scanner from the vehicle.

    Types OBD2 Code Scanner

    There are basically two types of OBD2 Scanners:

    1. Handled OBD2 code scanner which has a display screen and cable connection to plug into the OBD port
    2. Wireless scanners plug into the OBD port with the aid of an adapter to a smartphone or tablet to read the codes.

    What is the Best OBD2 code scanner?

    There are a number of high-quality OBD2 scanners out there, GETOBDTOOL provides you with the best devices you can find. 

    Kindly go through our catalog to view your choice.

    However, it is important to know that most device brands and models available in the market are for general-purpose that can read most scan codes. 

    Since they are designed to detect and read fault codes from a variety of vehicles, no OBD2 code scanner can be used for ALL manufactured automobiles. 

    you need to go through your owner's manual to get the best fit for you before buying or using one.

    Professional OBD2 fault code scanner

    Professional OBD2 fault code reader from GETOBDTOOL specially made and manufactured offers you a large range of functional and operational options with large access to stored databases. Professional OBD2 fault code scanner also works on a variety of automobile brands and models.

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