Xhorse VVDI Super Chip 


VVDI super chip is used with VVDI2 sw 6.5.0 for auto key programming. Also can work with VVDI key tool and mini vvdi key tool
It's original from the Xhorse manufacturer.

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One for all

VVDI2  v6.5.0 or newer version


Can be used as the chips below for auto key programming:

chip 7935 33 40 41 42 43 44
chip 7930 46
chip 7930 47
chip 7930 4D chip on board
chip 7930 45 chip on board
chip 7937 46 chip on board
chip 7947 47 chip on board
chip 4D   60 63 70 80 83 82G 67
chip 4E 64
chip 4C
chip 8C
chip 8A for Toyota H chip/Hyundai
chip 43 for V-A-G/Honda
chip 8E for Audi/Honda
chip T3 for Buick model
chip T1/T2/T3
How to Use VVDI Super Chip & VVDI Mini Key Tool Clone Toyota Scion Special G chip ?


1. Put the original car key into the coil for identification.

Super Chip XT27A01

Read out the original Toyota G key info, tap "Clone" (Transponder). Then tap "Recognize".

Super Chip XT27A01

Please take out the original Toyota G key and put into the Xhorse VVDI Super chip.

VVDI Super Chip

Waiting for writing data.

VVDI Super Chip

Successfully copy.

VVDI Super Chip

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