Mercedes Benz SCN Online Available for Asia and Middle East Countries

After we posted the message "mercedes benz scn online available" in facebook, many people contact us to check the scn online business. So now i will explain all details as below:

Currently our scn online service can only work for Asia and Middle East countries. such as "Korea, Dubai, Japan, India, Vitnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam.....".

mercedes benz scn online

because these country is near China, signal transmission would be better, and for other countries we are still working on it, hope can find a online solution soon.


1. Original VCI is a must to use our scn online service. all other clone c6, c4, c4 doip, c5, vxdiag SE cannot working online now. you can contact us to buy original vci with good price.

mercedes scn online account

2. You also should have a very good network. some people even in asia and middle east countries, they still can't online, because their network did not meet our requirements. you can test the network by yourself before contact us. below is the step:
(1) Download network speed test tool from below link:

scn online

(2) Save the documents to your computer.
(3) open the software
(4) check the time

if time less than 115ms, and it is stable, then congratulations! you can do scn online.

benz scn online access
if the time more then 110ms, sorry, we cannot do scn online for you, because it will always line down or cannot communication.

scn oline login
There is another example, the time sometimes is 110ms, sometimes is 180ms or 200ms, that is means your network is not stable, also cannot do scn online coding. please understand.

mercedes benz scn online

3. after you verify the network, send the test result and teamviwer to us, we will remote login scn account for you.

4. We will do online programming for you, so the price is a little high than login service.

5. for these people who are not aisa or middle east countires citizen, please check our w226 w203 offline diagnose solution

We also have odis online geko access please contact us if you need it.


Contact Information
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